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The Best Wedding Dates for 2024, 2025 & 2026

29th August 2023

When it comes to deciding your wedding date, your options are endless. From special occasions, national holidays, or a numerical date that you love; every couple opts for something totally different to them! Some choose to wed on the date they met, their first date date, or even the day they got engaged.

Traditionally, wedding dates have been chosen based on the couples horoscopes, and some families still follow that tradition. None of the dates below have been marked ‘auspicious’; it’s best to speak to a priest to find the best dates for you.

In this blog, we touch upon some of the key wedding dates for 2024, 2025 & 2026; from the cutest written dates, to the full moons, national holidays & more.

The full Moon is also considered to be an ideal time for marriage. It signifies that your marriage will be blessed with balance, equity & unity. The full Moon itself has always signified heightened emotions, making it the perfect day for a beautiful ceremony of love.

best wedding dates 2024, 2025 & 2026


January marks the start of a new year, and getting married during this time can symbolise the beginning of a new chapter in your lives together (especially on New Years Day!). It can also be seen as a fresh start and a time for setting new goals and resolutions as a married couple.

With cool temperatures in the UK, it’s the perfect time to opt for a winter-wonderland or cosy-yet-chic wedding ceremony. Why not top off the perfect ceremony with a hot chocolate bar for kids? Or fake snow & be very Selling Sunset-esque?


January 2024

HOLIDAYS: New Years Day (1st January, Monday), Bank Holiday (2nd January, Tuesday), Cuddle Up Day (6th January, Saturday)

CUTE DATES: 24.1.24 (24th January, Wednesday)

FULL MOON: 25th January, Thursday

January 2025

HOLIDAYS: New Years Day (1st January, Wednesday), Cuddle Up Day (6th January, Monday)

CUTE DATES: 25.1.25 (25th January, Saturday)

FULL MOON: 13th January, Monday

January 2026

HOLIDAYS: New Years Day (1st January, Thursday), Cuddle Up Day (6th January, Tuesday)

CUTE DATES: 26.1.26 (26th January, Monday)

FULL MOON: 3th January, Saturday


What better, than the month of love, to get married?! We’re all romantics at heart.

February is often associated with love and romance due to Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14th. Getting married around this time can add an extra layer of sentiment and celebration of love to your wedding – how about a theme of red roses? 

In the UK, February is still considered an off-peak time for weddings, so you will definitely benefit from lower prices & greater supplier availability!


February 2024

HOLIDAYS: National Weddings Month, World Marriage Day (February 11th, Sunday), Mardi Gras (February 13th, Tuesday), Valentines Day (14th February, Wednesday), Leap Year (29th February, Thursday)

CUTE DATES: 4.2.24 (4th February, Sunday), 24.2.24 (24th February, Saturday)

FULL MOON: 24th February, Saturday

Mardi Gras sounds like a super fun sangeet theme to us!

February 2025

HOLIDAYS: National Weddings Month, World Marriage Day (February 11th, Tuesday), Valentines Day (14th February, Friday)

CUTE DATES: 5.2.25 (5th February, Wednesday), 25.2.25 (24th February, Tuesday)

FULL MOON: 12th February, Wednesday

February 2026

HOLIDAYS: National Weddings Month, World Marriage Day (February 11th, Saturday), Valentines Day (14th February, Wednesday), Mardi Gras (February 17th, Friday), Leap Year (29th February, Thursday)

CUTE DATES: 6.2.26 (6th February, Friday), 26.2.26 (26th February, Thursday)

FULL MOON: 1st February, Sunday


The start of spring (& married life!). March marks the beginning of spring in many parts of the world, and the perfect time when flowers start to bloom, trees regain their leaves, and nature comes alive again after the winter. This can provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos and add to the overall aesthetic of your celebration.

Another massive bonus is that the days get longer in the UK, as we switch to BST.


March 2024

HOLIDAYS: St. Patricks Day (17th March, Sunday), First Day Of Spring (19th March, Tuesday), Holi (25th March, Monday), Bank Holiday – Good Friday (29th March, Friday), Easter (31st March, Sunday)

CUTE DATES: 24.3.24 (24th March, Sunday)

FULL MOON: 25th March, Monday

March 2025

HOLIDAYS: Mardi Gras (4th March, Tuesday), Holi (14th March, Friday), St. Patricks Day (17th March, Monday), First Day Of Spring (20th March, Thursday)

CUTE DATES: 25.3.25 (25th March, Tuesday)

FULL MOON: 14th March, Friday

March 2026

HOLIDAYS: Holi (3rd March, Tuesday), Friday 13th (13th March, Friday), St. Patricks Day (17th March, Tuesday), First Day Of Spring (20th March, Thursday) 

CUTE DATES: 26.3.26 (25th March, Thursday)

FULL MOON: 3rd March, Thursday


In the midst of Spring! April is associated with a wide range of soft and pastel colours, due to it being peak Spring time. You can incorporate these shades into your wedding decor, bridesmaids’ dresses, and other elements, creating a visually appealing and harmonious atmosphere.

Also, this month if often full of bank holidays – perfect for any couple whose trying to make the most of their annual leave.


APRIL 2024

HOLIDAYS: Easter Monday (1st April, Monday), (April Fools Day (1st April, Monday)Earth Day (22nd April, Monday), National Lovers Day (23rd April, Tuesday)

CUTE DATES: 2.4.24 (2nd April, Tuesday) 24.4.24 (24th April, Wednesday)

FULL MOON: 23rd April, Tuesday

APRIL 2025

HOLIDAYS: April Fools Day (1st April, Tuesday), Bank Holiday – Good Friday (18th April, Friday), Easter (20th April, Sunday), Easter Monday (21st April, Monday), Earth Day (22nd April, Tuesday), National Lovers Day (23rd April, Wednesday)

CUTE DATES: 25.4.25 (25th April, Friday)

FULL MOON: 13th April, Sunday

APRIL 2026

HOLIDAYS: April Fools Day (1st April, Wednesday), Bank Holiday – Good Friday (3rd April, Friday), Easter (5th April, Sunday), Easter Monday (6th April, Monday), Earth Day (22nd April, Wednesday), National Lovers Day (23rd April, Thursday)

CUTE DATES: 26.4.26 (26th April, Sunday)

FULL MOON: 2rd April, Thursday


The month of bank holidays! We think the best idea is to have a Hen / Stag booked for the start of the month, and your wonderful wedding at the end of the month – perfect use of your annual leave. 

Another bonus is that the weather starts to look up in May, so a good idea to have Plan A as an outdoor wedding (but always opt for a Plan B backup too – it is England, after all!).

MAY 2024

HOLIDAYS: Star Wars Day (4th May, Saturday), Early May Bank Holiday (6th May, Monday), Mother’s Day (12th May, Sunday), Spring Bank Holiday (27th May, Monday)

CUTE DATES: 24.5.24 (24th May, Friday)

FULL MOON: 23rd May, Thursday

MAY 2025

HOLIDAYS: Star Wars Day (4th May, Sunday), Early May Bank Holiday (5th May, Monday), Mother’s Day (11th May, Sunday), Spring Bank Holiday (26th May, Monday)

CUTE DATES: 25.5.25 (25th May, Sunday)

FULL MOON: 12th May, Monday

MAY 2026

HOLIDAYS: Early May Bank Holiday (4th May, Monday), Star Wars Day (4th May, Monday), Mother’s Day (10th May, Sunday), Spring Bank Holiday (25th May, Monday)

CUTE DATES: 26.5.26 (26th May, Tuesday)

FULL MOON: 1st May, Friday


June is often associated with warm and pleasant weather in many parts of the world. This can provide a comfortable atmosphere for both indoor and outdoor weddings. It also has some of the longest days in the year. 

If you are having a summer wedding, these dates get booked up fast, so be sure to get your dates blocked early.


JUNE 2024

HOLIDAYS: Pride Month, Love Conquers All Day (3rd June, Monday), National Best Friends Day (8th June, Saturday), Father’s Day (16th June, Sunday), Start of Summer (20th June, Thursday)

CUTE DATES: 24.6.24 (24th June, Monday)

FULL MOON: 21st June, Friday

JUNE 2025

HOLIDAYS: Pride Month, Love Conquers All Day (3rd June, Tuesday), National Best Friends Day (8th June, Sunday), Father’s Day (15th June, Sunday), Start of Summer (20th June, Friday)

CUTE DATES: 25.6.25 (25th June, Wednesday)

FULL MOON: 11th June, Wednesday

JUNE 2026

HOLIDAYS: Pride Month, Love Conquers All Day (3rd June, Wednesday), National Best Friends Day (8th June, Monday), Father’s Day (21st June, Sunday), Start of Summer (20th June, Saturday)

CUTE DATES: 26.6.26 (26th June, Friday)

FULL MOON: 29th June, Monday


One of the most popular wedding months! Especially perfect for good weather, destination weddings, school holidays & so much more.

For a July wedding, you definitely need to block your suppliers well in advance, as this is their peak season. Expect a hike in prices too.


JUly 2024

HOLIDAYS: International Kissing Day (6th July, Saturday), International Day Of Friendship (30th July, Tuesday)

CUTE DATES: 24.7.24 (24th June, Wednesday)

FULL MOON: 21st June, Sunday

JUly 2025

HOLIDAYS: International Kissing Day (6th July, Sunday), International Day Of Friendship (30th July, Wednesday)

CUTE DATES: 25.7.25 (25th June, Friday)

FULL MOON: 10th July, Thursday

JUly 2026

HOLIDAYS: International Kissing Day (6th July, Monday), International Day Of Friendship (30th July, Thursday)

CUTE DATES: 26.7.26 (26th June, Sunday)

FULL MOON: 29th July, Wednesday


August is right in the middle of summer, creating a festive and vibrant atmosphere. With the school summer holidays, it’s a time of fun, enjoyment, relaxation & sun (usually!). It’s the busiest month of the year for weddings, so be sure to block your dates out very early, as peak dates can get booked up 18 months in advance.



HOLIDAYS: National Girlfriend Day (1st August, Thursday), National Couples Day (18th August, Sunday), August Bank Holiday (26th August, Monday)

CUTE DATES: 24.8.24 (24th August, Saturday)

FULL MOON: 19th August, Monday (Supermoon!)


HOLIDAYS: National Girlfriend Day (1st August, Friday), National Couples Day (18th August, Monday), August Bank Holiday (25th August, Monday)

CUTE DATES: 25.8.25 (25th August, Monday)

FULL MOON: 9th August, Saturday


HOLIDAYS: National Girlfriend Day (1st August, Saturday), National Couples Day (18th August, Tuesday), August Bank Holiday (31st August, Monday)

CUTE DATES: 26.8.26 (26th August, Wednesday)

FULL MOON: 28th August, Friday


With the changing foliage and mild temperatures, September provides a picturesque backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. The start of autumnal colours can add a rich and warm aesthetic to your wedding photos. The quality of light in September, particularly during the “golden hour” before sunset, can enhance the beauty of your wedding photos and create a romantic atmosphere.

When it comes to availability, your suppliers may also be slightly difficult to get a hold of – so book in advance!


SEptember 2024

HOLIDAYS: Friday 13th (13th September, Friday), Wife Appreciation Day (17th September, Tuesday), National First Love Day (18th September, Wednesday)

CUTE DATES: 24.9.24 (24th September, Tuesday)

FULL MOON: 17th September, Tuesday

SEptember 2025

HOLIDAYS: Wife Appreciation Day (17th September, Wednesday), National First Love Day (18th September, Thursday)

CUTE DATES: 25.9.25 (25th August, Thursday)

FULL MOON: 7th September, Sunday

SEptember 2026

HOLIDAYS: Wife Appreciation Day (17th September, Thursday), National First Love Day (18th September, Friday)

CUTE DATES: 26.9.26 (26th September, Saturday)

FULL MOON: 26th September, Saturday


Embrace the autumn season by incorporating cosy and rustic fall-themed decor, including warm colour palettes, pumpkins, leaves, and other seasonal elements. To your advantage, October is also considered an off-peak wedding month in the UK & US – perfect for finding wedding suppliers.


october 2024

HOLIDAYS: National Coming Out Day (11th October, Friday), National I Love You Day (14th October, Monday), Halloween (31st October, Thursday), Diwali (31st October, Thursday)

CUTE DATES: 24.10.24 (24th October, Thursday)

FULL MOON: 17th October, Thursday (Supermoon!)

october 2025

HOLIDAYS: National Coming Out Day (11th October, Saturday), National I Love You Day (14th October, Tuesday), Diwali (20th October, Monday), Halloween (31st October, Friday)

CUTE DATES: 25.10.25 (25th October, Saturday)

FULL MOON: 7th October, Tuesday (Supermoon!)

october 2026

HOLIDAYS: National Coming Out Day (11th October, Sunday), National I Love You Day (14th October, Wednesday), Halloween (31st October, Saturday)

CUTE DATES: 26.10.26 (26th October, Monday)

FULL MOON: 26th October, Monday


November is the perfect opportunity for a cosy & intimate wedding. The most popular month for weddings in India, but not so common on this side of the world. With Christmas upcoming, November is definitely a season where your guests start to unwind and relax – the perfect time for a cosy manor house celebration.

If you have guests coming from the US, Thanksgiving month is the perfect time to get them together too.


november 2024

HOLIDAYS: Marry A Scorpio Support Day (18th November, Monday)

CUTE DATES: 24.11.24 (24th November, Sunday)

FULL MOON: 15th November, Friday

november 2025

HOLIDAYS: Marry A Scorpio Support Day (18th November, Tuesday)

CUTE DATES: 25.11.25 (25th November, Tuesday)

FULL MOON: 5th November, Wednesday

november 2026

HOLIDAYS: Diwali (8th November, Sunday), Marry A Scorpio Support Day (18th November, Wednesday)


CUTE DATES: 26.11.26 (26th November, Thursday)

FULL MOON: 24th November, Tuesday


December is a month filled with holiday celebrations, creating a warm and festive ambiance that can enhance the overall atmosphere of your wedding. Most venues will already be set up with some cosy festive decor – which will fit perfectly with celebrating your romantic & special day!

With school holidays, this is bound to be another popular time for your wedding.


december 2024

HOLIDAYS: Friday 13th (13th December, Friday), Christmas (25th December, Wednesday), New Year’s Eve (31st December, Tuesday)

CUTE DATES: 24.12.24 (24th December, Tuesday)

FULL MOON: 15th December, Sunday

december 2025

HOLIDAYS: Christmas (25th December, Thursday), New Year’s Eve (31st December, Wednesday)

CUTE DATES: 25.12.25 (24th December, Wednesday)

FULL MOON: 4th December, Thursday

december 2026

HOLIDAYS: Christmas (25th December, Friday), New Year’s Eve (31st December, Thursday)

CUTE DATES: 26.12.26 (26th December, Saturday)

FULL MOON: 24th December, Thursday